Rabu, 04 April 2012

sabila anata's giveaway

YEAY!!!!! it's beautiful day!! what? a giveaway from sabila anata. you know what you can win in this giveaway?? there are.....

Up wedges!!!!!! what's Up??

UP is the brainchild of Diana Rikasari (yes, the well-knowned fashion blogger :)) that was established in the end of year 2010, with hopes to spread happiness around the world. With their mantra "Not too high not too low, just the right dose", UP wants to see you walking happily with it's shoes, because you know you’ve got the right shoes on. And by being happy, they ensure that you feel good about it.
For every pair of UP shoes you purchase, IDR 5.000 goes directly to scholarship for low-income children.
So their main goal is to Sell,Share and Care :)
 The collection itself is very variable with so many designs and colors, but still very original. Each shoe has its own personality :) They have 63 pairs of shoes for u to choose ur favorite pair that suits u best!!
And it gets better! Cos u can CHOOSE UR OWN FAVORITE PAIR! Yeaaaaay!

Wanna join?? Click here

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